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Who can become a member of NADA? Is there an ear bead training available?

Anyone can join NADA. If they take the ADS training, they are eligible to be an acudetox specialist.

Regarding the beads, there are no limitations on who can use magnetic beads or seeds, as far as we know. The children at Lincoln used to ask to take them home to treat their family members and friends. People in prisons are being shown how to use them on their fellow prisoners. One of the many reasons Michael Smith liked the magnetic beads so much is that there are no restrictions on their use – and he was adamant that there should never be any.

We support people teaching people how to administer and self-administer a bead or seed on the shen men/reverse shen men zone on the ear, without creating new trainings and requirements. The Spirit of NADA is the spirit of service. See our new ear acupressure visual teaching tool to share with others.

Would you please provide me with the specific requirements that I need to complete my ADS training?

The NADA board has extended the period that trainees have to complete their clinical practicum from 12 to 24 months, as it is not feasible for most to provide treatments to clients or community members under the supervision of another acudetox specialist during and respect the need for physical distancing.

Once you can complete the clinical practicum, then submit your treatment log, and any other additional requirements from the training, back your trainer. If you cannot locate their contact information, feel free to reach out to NADA at We are here to help.

I would like to ask if anyone has started giving NADA trainings again?

A couple of months ago, the NADA board approved for trainers to try out doing online NADA training. After consulting with an attorney, they decided that no teaching of needling would be allowed in the online training format. Right now this is being considered a pilot program and trainers can apply to lead online NADA training through the end of the year. Then the group will reconvene and discuss how those trainings went and whether we should continue to provide the classroom part of the training that way.

A big concern people have is how far apart will the classroom part be from the needling part, and how much information will need to be re-taught. There are many unknowns, so we are just taking it a step at a time at the moment, and then we’ll do our best to learn from the experience.

Separate from doing NADA training we are very much encouraging in general the self-administration of beads & seeds on reverse shen men/shen men. We just put out some resources for that on our Instagram (@spiritofnada) and Facebook pages. Feel free to share.