Back to the Future: The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) Protocol Persists as an Agent of Social Justice and Community Healing by the People and for the People

An analysis of the Lincoln experience can inform how best to respond to the social unrest that is now manifesting across the country and across color and socio-economic lines in support of Black and Brown lives. Coming full circle, explosive social unrest has returned to challenge us here in the US.

Acudetox: Lost, Stolen or Strayed?

A GuidePoints series of Articles by Alex Brumbaugh copyright © 2016 National Acupuncture Detoxification Association Published by the NADA Literature clearinghouse, Laramie, Wy Click here for a PDF of the Articles.

Articulos en Espanol

Humberto Brocca y Sandra Tovar Kuri, de NADA Mexico, escribieron un serie de articulos 'Acupuntura y Desintoxicación´en el periodico LiberAddictus. Lo primer parte de este serie puede leer aqui: El segundo parte...

How Sleepmix Tea Came to Be

How Sleepmix Tea Came to Be by Ryan Bemis “Psychiatric patients don’t want super duper soup.” ~ Michael O. Smith NADA co-founder and psychiatrist Michael O. Smith recently told program administrators at a workshop that soup and friendship were “the best technology”...