Danish Hospice Integrates NADA in Its Entire Program

By Lars Wiinblad Ten years of experience in Danish hospices show that the NADA protocol helps with stress, anxiety, pain,and that it also reduces the need for medication in palliative care.  Also NADA can bypass much of the verbal denial and resistance that might...

Harvard video series on ear acupuncture research starts in New Hampshire

Harvard University’s Asia Center just published a two part video series by scholar, Eana Meng, chronicling her global journey to uncover the roots and branches of ear acupuncture, including the NADA Protocol. “Origin stories are hard to pinpoint. Instead of trying to figure out the start and end points, I want to look at the connection in transmission of the practice and knowledge. Just like acupuncture, the way to understand the following stories is to look at the unexpected connections. Connections between seventies revolutionaries in New York to present day prisons in England. From those in recovery clinics in Hungary to police officers in India and even First responders on Ground Zero post 9–11.”

Back to the Future: The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) Protocol Persists as an Agent of Social Justice and Community Healing by the People and for the People

An analysis of the Lincoln experience can inform how best to respond to the social unrest that is now manifesting across the country and across color and socio-economic lines in support of Black and Brown lives. Coming full circle, explosive social unrest has returned to challenge us here in the US.

Articulos en Espanol

Humberto Brocca y Sandra Tovar Kuri, de NADA Mexico, escribieron un serie de articulos 'Acupuntura y Desintoxicación´en el periodico LiberAddictus. Lo primer parte de este serie puede leer aqui: El segundo parte...

How Sleepmix Tea Came to Be

How Sleepmix Tea Came to Be by Ryan Bemis “Psychiatric patients don’t want super duper soup.” ~ Michael O. Smith NADA co-founder and psychiatrist Michael O. Smith recently told program administrators at a workshop that soup and friendship were “the best technology”...