Breath in, breathe out. Before you read this, give yourself an immune boost. uncross your feet, relax the shoulders, close your eyes, and tune into your breath. stay here for a few moments. or more than just a few – we all need that quiet space right now.

We shared these words with you in March 2020 in an open letter to the NADA community.

It’s been nearly a year since the entire world was changed by Covid-19. What a year it has been. Around this time last year, the NADA team took a pause from our yearly plans to brainstorm how to support our membership in the midst of this major transition.

Since then, we have stood in awe as we watch NADA trainers and ADSes adjust to our new conditions consciously, collectively and with compassion.

This work is important and it can only be shared and spread if those within our community are supported as well.

Revisit the resources we have offered and collected over the past year.

This year has been an incredibly difficult one. As we noted last March, change is the one constant.

We saw our local and global community needs increase exponentially, exacerbating existing inequalities in accessing healthcare. The pandemic has only increased the need for social services, especially holistic alternatives to provide stress & anxiety relief.

We’re still here for you.

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