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Please join me in congratulating the NADA Acudetox Specialists (ADSes) and Registered Trainers (RTs) who have shown exceptional dedication and commitment to the vision and work of modernizing our NADA Office. I wish to personally express my feeling of overwhelming gratitude for the extraordinary leadership displayed among NADA’s Board of Directors, our many consultants, and, most of all, the many friends who have helped us reach this watershed moment purely from the goodness of their hearts.

On September 23, we sent a letter to our Registered Trainers introducing our new training and membership platform–a document foundational to NADA’s functionality and renewed purpose. We also released information clarifying the intent and purpose of the NDA — a document necessary for the protection and viability of NADA’s business operations.

We’d like to underscore that the completion of the NDA is not required of ADSes who are involved in NADA business solely through use of the NADA Protocol (in direct client/patient/clinical care). However, it is required of those ADSes who are involved in any board activities and committees..

As partners, we will all continue to mature as leaders in healthcare innovation domestically and abroad. promise you that I, and the rest of the NADA Board, will be with you every step of the way in honoring our shared NADA Legacy. We will continue to do this by upholding clinical integrity, fiscal accountability/transparency and operational excellence. We will partner with you to make this central to all our activities within the organization, exemplified by our collective work and commitment to community.

In the famous words of Maya Angelou: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better”. Change, in response to challenges, within and outside of our organization, is part of the process-a process of continuous improvement that is necessary for continuous growth. Every NADA member is invited to take advantage of the novel opportunities for improvement and growth that our comprehensive modernization efforts have made possible. Know that you will find no greater advocates to support you in pursuing those opportunities than your NADA Board.

As I see it, the most essential ingredient to NADA’s organizational success and resiliency is sincere belief in, and respect for, all members. This is necessary both personally, collectively, and at every level of our organization NADA has been, and is, a blessing to me and a treasure to the world. It is a treasure to the world because of you.

In closing, urge you to be on the lookout for NADA’s Annual Conference announcement, to be held at Bowie State University in 2023. Preparations are already well underway, and we look forward to your participation and continued fellowship.

Take good care.

Peace, On Behalf of Your NADA Board,

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Dr. Khensu Carter, President